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Private Dining in Lombok: Seaside Dining

30 January 2024

Flavors Restaurant’s brand new ‘Seaside Dining Table’. An unconventional seaside dining experience outside the comforts of ‘Flavors Restaurant Lombok’, for the out-of-the-ordinary dinner moment under the stars while listening to the sound of gently lapping waves. Private dining taken to the next level! Sit back..

Dining in Lombok: High-Quality Food & Service

30 January 2024

FINE CASUAL DINING & THE LOMBOK LODGE HOSPITALITY CONCEPT FOCUS ON HIGH-QUALITY FOOD AND SERVICE When asked what the next big thing in restaurants was, pioneering restaurateur Danny Meyer – Founder& CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group – said recently – ‘…It’s ‘Fine Casual’ and..

Watersports in Lombok | Medana Bay Boathouse activities

30 January 2024

Dive Into A Sea Of Possibilities! We offer a wide range of Dive- and Watersports in Lombok at our brand-new Boat House. Is it your first time? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be experienced to try most of our water sports. Relax and join..

Moringa: Lombok’s Superfood

30 January 2024

Intrigued by Chef Jiwa Raga’s new-to-me superfood, I did a little research to investigate exactly what MORINGA is and discovered that it’s ‘MAGIC’ sourced from the Moringa OLEIFERA TREE which is native to South Asia. The leaves were once eaten by the ancient Romans, Greeks and..

Best Breakfast & Brunch in Lombok I Atelier Lucas in Lombok

21 January 2024

The Pastry & Bakery Department at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality is one of our busiest departments responsible for making all breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits and any deserts. The Baking Creations of my devoted Pastry Team – directed by Pastry Chef Dende Erma – has always..

Best Dining in Lombok I Culinary Lombok

21 January 2024

Welcome to the enchanting island of Lombok, where the sun-kissed beaches meet the vibrant flavors of Lombok’s rich culinary scene. If you’re a food enthusiast seeking a remarkable dining experience, look no further. Join us on a gastronomic journey through one of Lombok’s top restaurants,..

Lombok Restaurant I Best Wines on Lombok Island

21 January 2024

NEW VVIP – VVIW ARRIVALS AT THE LOMBOK LODGE WINE LIST * VVIW – Very Very Important Wines SICILIAN WINE It is often said that Sicily is not a wine region, but rather, a ‘wine continent’. Somewhere along the way, they skipped a few jurisdictions..

Coco Nutty about Coco Charcoal

20 January 2024

From the very beginning, we humans have been social creatures. Our ancestors sat around cooking fires telling stories. Today, there are endless ways of communicating: we walk around with everyday devices that allow us to write or talk to people anywhere in the world. But..

Best Dining Restaurant Lombok I 14 Years Chef Jiwa Raga

17 January 2024

2024 – A LANDMARK Exactly 14 years ago, Executive Chef Jiwa Raga began his first day with us here at Flavors Restaurant – Cozy Fining Restaurant at The Lombok Lodge Hotel, Medana Bay & The Lombok Lodge Hospitality. For this special occasion, we are pleased..