Best Breakfast & Brunch in Lombok I Atelier Lucas in Lombok

21 April 2024

The Pastry & Bakery Department at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality is one of our busiest departments responsible for making all breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits, and any desserts. Join us to experience the best breakfast and brunch in Lombok.

The Baking Creations of my devoted Pastry Team – directed by Pastry Chef Dende Erma – has always been a delightful art form. Turning simple ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces, it’s a true artisanal skill and a craft that indulges our senses.  To master this art, it is crucial to continuously refine techniques. At our The Lombok Lodge Hospitality, we emphasize the importance of training and bringing our skills to new heights. I feel very honored and proud to have the opportunity to learn from the world’s best in the bakery industry, providing the best breakfast and brunch in Lombok.



Luc Devriese, incredibly eager and driven, and a member of ‘Createurs du Desserts’, completed internships with the best pastry chefs both nationally and internationally.

In 1988, Luc felt it was time to venture out on his own and started his own bakery – ‘ATELIER LUCAS KNOKKE’ – located at the corner of Lippenslaan and Kustlaan in Knokke, Belgian Coast. Over the course of 23 years, this establishment grew into a highly renowned top-tier business.

Chef Luc is a maverick with an incredible passion and dedication to his craft of ‘bread and pastry.’ With utmost respect for the product, Luc works with ‘moment-fresh’ ingredients only. This approach forms the foundation for the quality of flavor and ensures that products from ATELIER-LUCAS always look their best and that the popularity of their products is truly astounding, with customers eagerly forming long queues outside the shop each and every day.

Hardworking and obsessed with perfection, Chef Luc is also a virtuoso technician and likes to outgrow his limits with his original creations. As flagship products, Chef Luc developed the most perfectly layered Viennoiseries and a Range of Bread made from Stone-Ground Flour, resulting in fantastic bread with an unparalleled crispy crust, airy crumb, and exceptionally rich flavor.



Knokke-Heist, a vibrant coastal town in Belgium, is renowned for its bustling beach bars, lively boulevards, captivating art galleries, and an abundance of chic and trendy clothing stores. Nestled on the east coast of Flanders, Knokke-Heist offers not only beautiful beaches and stunning views but also a vibrant fusion of beachside relaxation, artistic inspiration, and high-end fashion, from innovative bakeries to charming restaurants.


My Culinary Team at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality had the privilege of being trained by Chef Luc of ATELIER LUCAS, in September 2023. As Luc DeVriese is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in the pastry world in Belgium and here in Lombok, we are extremely proud to serve our valued guests with probably the best homemade croissants and pastries of the island, artfully crafted by my Pastry Chef Dende Erma using only natural top ingredients and lots of love.


Meanwhile, after weeks of intensive work and fine-tuning, each artfully crafted creation by Pastry Chef Dende  is as visually beautiful as it is delicious to eat. The Lombok Lodge Breakfast became the talk of the ‘island’; Made-That-Morning Croissants & Viennoiserie. Cakes with a hint of Lombok Vanilla and zesty Lemon Surprises from our own Organic Gardens and super Crispy-Crust Sourdough Bread Creations.



For an up-close-and-personal look at the innovation behind the art, book the front row ‘Seaside Table’ of LA TERRAZZA, the Breakfast Terrace at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel. With Chef Dende’s creations alongside, a unique breakfast of perfectly layered viennoiserie awaits! A True feast for the Senses!

Atelier Lucas
Address: Koninginnenlaan 9, 8300 Knokke

Jiwa Raga ⠀
Executive Chef at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality ®


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