Best Dining Restaurant Lombok I 14 Years Chef Jiwa Raga

21 April 2024


Exactly 14 years ago, Executive Chef Jiwa Raga began his first day with us here at Flavors Restaurant – Cozy Fining Restaurant at The Lombok Lodge Hotel, Medana Bay & The Lombok Lodge Hospitality.

For this special occasion, we are pleased to share a special message from our lovely chef with you:

‘… Together with my entire kitchen team, I would like to thank our lovely guests for giving us a wonderful opportunity to serve you. Every day, it is our desire to make our valued hotel- and restaurant guests satisfied with our food creations and restaurant services. Our guests are our inspiration for doing our very best!


Dear lovely guest,
Thank you very much for keeping The Lombok Lodge Hospitality the number one on the beautiful island of Lombok. We cannot achieve this success without you as our customer. Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we promise to stay reliable.

The upcoming year will be a landmark for me! ⠀
It celebrates my 14th anniversary at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality!⠀

I have been cooking here for 14 wonderful years with even more wonderful guests. I have been sharing with my kitchen team and with the hotel coworkers, a lasting and joint passion for excellence and perfection.

Every day, every service, every plate that I have sent for the past years, demonstrates my love for this profession and my sincere will to treat you to an unforgettable experience.

I created ‘The Lombok Lodge Hospitality 6-Course Lobster Menu’ for this special occasion, an extraordinary menu offered as an exquisite special dining experience, and I wish you enjoy tasting it as much as I enjoy preparing it for you …’

Jiwa Raga ⠀
Executive Chef at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality

Discover The Lombok Lodge Hospitality 6-Course Lobster Menu >


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