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30 January 2024



When asked what the next big thing in restaurants was, pioneering restaurateur Danny Meyer – Founder& CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group – said recently – ‘…It’s ‘Fine Casual’ and it’s already here… ! …If ‘Fast Food’ is the combination of speed and price, ‘Fine Casual’ is the combination of ‘Everything we know from Fine Dining’ applied to the systems of Casual, Relaxed Dining.


As the food-lovers we all are, we know there are several classifications for restaurants generally based on food and style, serving, preparation methods, and pricing. The two broadest categories are Casual and Fine Dining. Among the key difference between the two, are the atmosphere and ambiance. Casual Dining is friendlier and more informal, whereas Fine Dining exudes a more elegant and formal atmosphere. The food on offer differs, and pricing comes into play as well.


Looking for the right blend of a High-Class and Atmospheric Restaurant, offering great flavors during your stay in Lombok? Visit one of the restaurants of The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Group!

Each with its own unique Fine-Casual Food Concept, with carefully selected choices in terms of ingredients and where passionate people serve you. Where unique taste sensations and atmosphere come together to form the ultimate experience.

Both restaurants of The Lombok Lodge Group are Fine-Casual Dining Establishments with the convenience of Fine-Casual, upscale features such as tasting menu options, vegan, vegetarian & keto cuisine choices – even Adele’s Super-Healthy SirtFood Cuisine, and high-quality alcoholic/non-alcoholic-drinks. Last but not least nostalgic Lombok dishes such as Ayam Taliwang and probably the best Nasi Goreng on the island.

Flavors Restaurant – Cozy Fine Dining at The Lombok Lodge Hotel, Medana Bay
White-Tablecloth Restaurant serving a daily changing Set-Menu
Private Dining Options are available.

L’Osteria Restaurant – Fine Casual Lunch Restaurant at The Lombok Lodge Hotel, Medana Bay
An ode to Italian Cuisine, Class, and Purity in combination with the charm of Lombok.


The Lombok Lodge Food Concepts serve food inspired by Fine Dining Chef Jiwa Raga and his team, using excellent ingredients in a casual atmosphere of class and elegance. Chef-driven menus with the complimenting aroma of fine wines, fresh herbs and vegetables from our own organic garden, touches of Lombok’s charm, and stylish crockery by The Lombok Lodge Collection. Upscale touches that will take your dining experience up a notch.

At The Lombok Lodge, we feed our guests’ craving for new cuisines and experiences while accommodating their demand for convenience and fresh, homemade, and healthy food choices without additives. The demand for high-quality food without unhealthy additives is quickly growing, especially in these post-pandemic times.

Fine-Casual is proof you don’t have to sacrifice quality for great value and is catching on with guests in search of something different. The convenience of being served at the table, in a casual way but with care and passion for hospitality and healthy choices. ‘…The Lombok Lodge, Lombok with a Difference…’


Here at The Lombok Lodge, we decided to go the ‘Fine-Casual’ route because we felt that there was a real demand for a chef-driven casual option where ‘real’ chefs were cooking ‘real’ food. People are always looking for food that tastes really good! As a part of the The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Concept, guests will experience our Fine Casual Food Concepts as one of the highlights of their Lombok holiday.

Attention to detail has made David Meyer a leader in Fine Casual Dining. This reminds us of one of our favorite Team Quotes at The Lombok Lodge; ‘… Details make Perfection and Perfection is not a detail…’ #LeonardoDaVinci

Expect the unexpected, and enjoy the details.
Visit Lombok!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.
Travel Soon!


Owner of The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Group

OFYR Mej’O – Coming Soon – Opening Spring 2022 – Live Fire BBQ at the The Lombok Lodge brand new Private Villa Estate – Because Great Moment Always start with Fire
** Mej’O translates to Meja ‘O’ – Tabl’O – In cooperation with OFYR – Outdoor Lifestyle Concept


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